Mentoring to Mastery with Dr. Rosen

Want to excel in practice? Do you long to provide the BEST care to your patients and sometimes feel there are gaps? This unique experience is being offered to a select group of dedicated doctors who want to excel in their technique application and practice - no frills, no shortcuts, just clinically applicable techniques for the pediatric population.

Here is an opportunity to have an intimate forum to address specific challenges in your practice with one of the most experienced and knowledgeable pediatric chiropractors in our profession. Receive precise and sophisticated monthly technique training as well as sessions for case management, patient communications, practice management and caring for families with confidence.

Visit the website to join our Chiropractic Pediatric Master Class or to find out more information.

Chiropractic Videos For Doctors

Dr. Martin Rosen Healthpath Q&A

Removing Cranial Dural Stress Patterns through the Sutural System

SOT Chiropractic Evaluation and Adjusting Procedures for the Three Categories

Clinical Cranial Techniques for the Adult and Pediatric Patient

Occipital Fiber Analysis and Soft Tissue Reflex Techniques (CMRT)

Correcting Cranial Specific Subluxation Patterns and the TMJ

Pediatric Spinal Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols

Pediatric Chiropractic Evaluation and Adjusting Demonstrations

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy: SOT Based Procedures and Protocols

External Cranial Corrections

SOR (Sacro Occipital Respiratory Motion) Correction - Pediatric Adjusting

Chiropractic Pediatric Adjusting - Dr. Martin Rosen

Category I Pediatric Adjusting

Category II Pediatric Adjusting

Sphenobasilar Cranial Adjusting Techniques