How Can Chiropractic Help You?

Without an unimpeded nerve pathway, between your brain and spinal cord, the control and coordination of all tissues, organs and systems in your body is compromised.

One of the most damaging neurophysiologic phenomenon that interferes with the optimal functioning of the nervous system and affects the overall health of human beings is a SUBLUXATION.

  • If your nervous system is subjected to too much stress or input and cannot adapt it will set up a compensatory mechanism to deal with this overload – SUBLUXATION
  • This is a protective as well as compensatory mechanism to protect the organism to the best of its ability at that moment.
  • It effects the brain and spinal cord by creating a structural compensation in the spine, much like a circuit breaker shuts down from an electrical overload to protect the rest of the system.

When a SUBLUXATION occurs it can cause a myriad of events to happen that effect the overall functioning of the individual. In its initial stages it can go unnoticed, causing no obvious symptom. If uncorrected it will progress and eventually symptoms become evident as the body’s adaptive ability decreases and the need for a response becomes apparent.

  • Abnormal joint mobility (either hypo or hyper)
  • There is evidence that spinal dysfunction of various kinds has an effect on central neural processing (ADD, ADHD, SPD, LD, Autism, etc.).
  • Piezoelectricity – Mechanical energy applied to crystalline structures results in abnormal electrical responses (the nervous system functions by sending electrical impulses from the brain to the spinal cord to the cells, tissues and organs of the body).
  • Muscle Facilitation (either too tense/spasms or too loose/weakness)
  • Neurological Irritation and Dysfunction (decrease or increase nerve response).
  • Abnormal Brain and CNS (central nervous system) Function
  • Change in CSF(cerebrospinal fluid) flow (CSF protects, nourishes, removes waste and effects temperature of the brain and spinal cord)
  • Lowers the body’s adaptive threshold (decrease immune system function and reduced ability to deal with stress).
  • Decreases the overall functional capability of the nervous system to respond to environmental and lifestyle stresses.

Regardless of pain or symptoms, if you are concerned about your overall health it is imperative that you get your spine checked for subluxations on a regular basis.

Chiropractic is the ONLY profession that is trained in the detection and removal of spinal and cranial subluxations, through the chiropractic adjustment.