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Testimonials for Drs. Rosens Seminars

Fantastic seminar - SO MUCH information, but lots of hands-on practice and work. These docs are amazing!

Dr. Jamie Wuistinger

Dr. Rosen is brilliant. His teaching skills are amazing. Lots of amazing info in a short amount of time all the while easy to understand. Very excited to apply this material in practice. Practice enhancing to say the least.

Allison Catapano

The Rosen's are a treasure in disseminating this immeasurably valuable healing and treatment modality and mindset. Probably the best current resource for documented cranial and pediatric training.

Dr. David Lepp

This was one of the best courses I've taken to date in my chiropractic career. Perfect mix of slideshow presentation, research, discussion, and hands on. I would take this course many more times. Thank you Docs!

Laurence Dion

First time attending one of Dr Rosen's seminar and I can't wait to take another. So much information! Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to expand their cranial adjusting protocols.

Jason Park

Great learning experience, thank you! The most hands on seminar I've ever attended so far. There is a lot of material but it is well presented. Having previously purchased some of Dr. Rosen's online streaming courses, going to the live seminar helped reinforce what I learned from the online courses. Looking forward to attending more seminars.

Valerie Cachola

Great seminar taught by a very knowledgeable doctor. Thoroughly enjoyed all the techniques and the information taught. Lots of hands on work and was very helpful answering any questions we might've had.

Rebecca Huang

Dr. Rosen has helped me time after time to be better at what I do. He has so much information to improve facial asymmetry and latch issues. I would recommend this course to every chiropractor.

Melanie Beingessner

I'm very experienced in this technique and have learned most of these systems many times and I can say it was a pleasure learning them from Dr. Rosen and family. I got more clarity, specifics and increased comfort with the procedures. Those who were there as first time learners were pleased also.

Jeff Boyajian

Dr. Rosen's seminar is amazing. Learned a lot of different assessment tools for treatment methods. Most impressed by the patient interaction Dr. Rosen has with his patients and on how to deal with different kinds of children. This seminar is by far one of the best seminar that I have ever attended. Thank you so much for coming all the way to the West coast and sharing your experiences with us. Hopefully I will be able to attend more of your seminars!!

Henry Cheng

Hands down the best adjusting seminar I have been to. Drs Marty, Erin and Nancy are extremely knowledgeable and are able to teach to a variety of different learning styles. Loved that I could take what I learnt straight into practice. Thank you and I can't wait to get myself to another one!

Dr. Liz Walker

Dr Rosen is brilliant chiropractor and teacher. I recently did my first seminar with him and his dynamic team made up of his wife and daughter. They all work brilliantly together and I feel the synergy between them really added to the teaching experience. I also bought the streaming for the Intra oral cranial adjusting, I really glad I did as it’s s great learning tool. Very grateful to have connected with them and is helping me to further my art. Big thanks.

Oliver Dawson

Good constructive seminar with plenty of hands-on time!

Linda van Viegen

An excellent 3 days in Amsterdam, I have been in practice for 30yrs now using traditional techniques and S.O.T. You never stop learning, this seminar was easy to follow with the more technical concepts easily translated in practical applications. The hand on practical sessions were particularly useful and the notes also easy to follow. Thank you again to Martin, Erin and Nancy.

Stephen Clark

Fantastic seminar. Dr. Rosen has a great way of explaining the how, when and why of his cranial techniques. With the help from Nancy and Erin, I found it to be the complete package for learning about pediatric treatment. Thank you very much and I can't wait to attend the next seminar.

Philip Hough

Super seminar. Packed with information, great easy to follow notes and animations. What's amazing is that even if you don't see many paediatric patients (yet), most of the techniques are applicable for adults as well. I'm very happy they all came to Europe to teach.

Hanna Trumm

Excellent seminar. Highly recomended.

Hans Andersson

A fantastic seminar packed full of information and hands on practice. it was provided by a great team/family who are all dedicated to helping you improve your ability to provide the greatest chiropractic care possible.

Melbourne Chiropractic

An excellent seminar!! With no previous SOT or cranial background I found this seminar filled to the brim with information but in a very clear and well delivered manner. There was always help available on the practical part, and the notes made following the theory very easy. I am looking forward to doing to full certification program next year to learn even more from such a knowledgeable team!

Maria Leonor Sweetmore

Great seminar. So glad we went! Even though we’ve both done a few Pediatric seminars and SOT seminars, Drs Rosen Pediatric Seminar is a unique experience learning from Dr. Martin Rosen and his many many years of experience, plus his wife Dr. Nancy Watson and their daughter Dr. Erin Rosen.. All Chiropractors bring their own experiences and expertise to the seminar to help whenever you need. The first day was theory based which was great; going over the thorough seminar notes they send to you, and explain in even more detail. The Saturday and Sunday are then based on hands on practical, with plenty of explanation and repeated so everyone has a sound understanding of what they are doing and what to do when you are back in clinic on Monday. Thorough cranial and spinal examinations and adjusting techniques are gone over in detail. Drs Rosens Seminars provide sound knowledge, experience, inspiration and confidence to give the best care you can as a Chiropractor. We also recommend getting their textbook as a great reference guide in practice!

Chiropractic Alchemy

Love it! I’ve been to three and can’t wait to go to more. So much great information!

Jenny Hulbert

My associate and I are very grateful to have the opportunity to study under Drs. Rosen. As SOT practitioners and craniopaths who see a lot of babies and young children in our practice, we took our skills to the next level. We are completely revamping our pediatric exam and updating our EHR template to match, creating more structure and continuity of care between two doctors. We also feel that with improved exam findings that are more neurological-based as opposed to symptom-based, we can better communicate the message of chiropractic wellness as well as improve relationships/referrals with local pediatricians and other pediatric providers. Highly recommend!

Laura Brayton

Fantastic seminar! If you want to learn how to care for children in a pediatric practice this is the seminar. No matter what learning style you have between the whole family you will get great information and individualized attention. I would highly recommend for all chiropractors.

Dr. Shelby Simon

Best chiropractic seminar out there to learn hands-on techniques that can be used immediately in practice. Highly recommend!

Melissa Diaz

I really enjoyed this seminar! We are most fortunate to have a resource and educator like Dr. Rosen to push the ball forward with this awesome work. Looking forward to next time already. Many thank

Paul Hutchins

Loved this seminar. Looking forward to the 3-16 hr intensive seminars.

Elizabeth Rumley

Dr. Rosen, Dr. Watson and Erin are all extremely knowledgeable in the areas of pediatric spinal and cranial evaluation and treatment to make changes to incorrect neurological patterns that make profound changes to the children they care for. They are also excellent educators and are so gracious to teach other chiropractors these procedures so we can spread this care to more families in this world. Thank you for all your time and hard work you definitely are contributing positive healing around the world.

Sharon Hulbert

I really enjoyed this class! There was so much information presented that whether you’re new to pediatrics and/or cranial adjusting or have been practicing it since you graduated, you were learning something new to use in your office on Monday morning. I can’t wait for the next seminar with Dr. Rosen!

Laura Dover

Recently joined the doctors for a Pediatric Care Seminar and it was by far the most in depth and beneficial pediatric seminar I have attended. I would definitely recommend this seminar to anyone looking to improve their pediatric practice!

Tim Smith

Drs. Marty, Nancy and Erin always put on an excellent seminar. I have done many with them and always walk away with a lot of excellent information and tools. If you are looking to improve your knowledge and skills around taking care of children, you are looking in the right place.

Joel Favreau

From the very first class with Drs. Martin & Nancy Rosen I left more inspired to serve children through chiropractic and challenged to gain the proper to knowledge with which to do it. Since then, I’ve taken numerous classes and I can’t say enough how thankful I am for the courses on pregnancy and pediatrics. They give the professional confidence to care for children with all types of presentations. As a result, we have definitely become the pediatric and pregnancy practice in our community, simply by knowing how to care for patients. Drs. Rosen’s courses offer a professional competence that is invaluable. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a chiropractic family legend. The small classes allow for questions and numerous hands on opportunities. The books and educational DVDs have also proven to be priceless resources. Thank you to the whole family for your contribution to Chiropractic!

Dr. Laura S. Dowling

One of the most thorough and informative seminars I have been to. Lots of practical info to use in practice immedialetly! I love all the ICPA seminars and this one is no exception. Dr. Rosen is a cranial/SOT master and learning from him is an honor. I will take this seminar again and again! THANK YOU!

Michelle Wattier, DC

I've attended Dr. Rosen's ICPA seminars a total of three times and every one gave excellent and very useful clinical value. Last time I also purchased his textbook in pediatrics and several of his instructional videos, all very informative. I would recommend anyone who wants to level up their skills in cranials/SOT to attend his seminars and/or buy his instructional material.

Anna Margareta Skaar

One of the most thorough and informative seminars I have been to. Lots of practical info to use in practice immediately! I love all the ICPA seminars and this one is no exception. Dr. Rosen is a cranial/SOT master and learning from him is an honor. I will take this seminar again and again! THANK YOU!

Michelle Wattier, DC

Dr. Rosen is so knowledgeable. I learned so much in class and I use what he taught me everyday in my office. I highly reccoemd taking his course as well as purchasing his books and material you won't regret it and you will make such a difference in the lives of your patients.

Alayna Pagnani Gendron, DC

Dr. Rosen's Pediatric Cranial Seminar is a goldmine of information, strategies, and his clinical experiences that I have personally drawn from to help my own practice members. Prior to taking Dr. Rosen's seminar, I was new to cranial analysis and adjusting (especially on infants and children) but I must say this approach has helped me turn corners and help others in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. Thank you Dr. Rosen!

Robert Mirandola - Owner of Allasso Chiropractic

Your DVD about the Vagus Nerve and its over all importance was available long before "the therapeutic world in general" became aware of the importance of the Vagus Nerve. Its in-depth material has been of great value for me.

Anne Mette Riber

Dr. Rosen is extremely well versed in pediatrics! I've taken his pediatric cranial adjusting seminar twice and I've learned many things both times. I highly recommend taking one of his classes!

Gena Bofshever, DC

Martin is one of the world's top pediatric chiropractors and teachers. I had the pleasure of attending a seminar with him in London in 2016 and found his expertise and knowledge invaluable. I refer to his book all the time and use it as a reference for my own teaching in the UK. I cannot recommend Martin highly enough.

Elisabeth Davidson - Owner, Inverurie Chiropractic Clinic

I loved the information presented by Dr. Rosen so much I took his seminar twice. I have also added his books and DVDS to my personal library. He has such a deep knowledge of nervous system and body. If you want to further your education and be able to help your patients on another level, I recommend listening to what he has to say.

Christine Haynes - Haynes Family Chiropractic

Dr. Rosen has a vast storehouse of experience in SOT pediatrics that he draws from in his classes. The wisdom and knowledge he shares make his classes invaluable for both the new and experienced SOT practitioner. His mastery of SOT is impressive and his willingness to share unparalleled.

CT - Owner and President at Whole Health Chiropractic, Inc.

Dr. Rosen is a chiropractic leader and specifically a leader in the SOT world. After attending seminars taught by Dr. Rosen I have come away with a better understanding of chiropractic with an increased desire to become the best chiropractor I can be. Through his teaching one can feel the love and dedication he has to teaching and preparing students of chiropractic to be successful.

JP - Chiropractor at Breath of Life Wellness Center

Dr. Rosen is an excellent educator and doctor. His pediatric and pregnancy classes are exceptional. I love his fast pace lectures and demonstrations. Hands on adjusting seminars are the best. I have learned so much from his seminars and highly recommend it.

CK - Different Approach, Better Results

Martin is a true chiropractic wizard who has a gift and a love for passing his knowledge on to others. I recommend him as doctor and a teacher to all who may read this.

SL - Chiropractor at Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness in South Berwick, ME

Dr. Martin Rosen is a wonderful chiropractor and instructor. His Sacro Occipital Technique expertise is remarkable. He has a comfortable yet thorough teaching style. I have attended 5 seminars taught by him on SOT spinal, cranial and chiropractic manipulative reflex techniqe (CMRT) for viscerosomatic organ reflexes. They were highly enjoyable and informative. He provided excellent context for the analysis and corrections, to allow for fast learning and immediately usable skills.

JG - Chiropractor

Dr. Martin is one of the best chiropractors I have ever had the privilege from whom to learn. His seminars were excelent and a great exposure to SOT.

AS - Applied Kinesiologist at Back To Source Healing

Dr Martin Rosen is an extremely knowledgeable teacher. His love and passion for chiropractic is evident in his systematic and diligent teaching methods. He has wonderful patience when you are new to S.O.T and is able to adapt his teaching style to suit any level of expertise. I highly recommend Dr Rosen's class to all chiropractors who want to work with children. The techniques taught are able to be added to your current treating protocol or for new students a wonderful place to start when working with children. Dr Rosen uses S.O.T and its indicators to teach where, when and how to adjust. Dr Rosen is the perfect teacher to get you inspired, make you want more and strive to always be a better chiropractor.

JP - Speaker at Mark Their Steps Seminars

I recently attended a Pediatric cranial adjusting seminar taught by Dr. Martin Rosen. I found the seminar to be packed full of ideas and concepts. Dr. Rosen demonstrated an understanding of the material that only comes with years of work in the area. He is an asset to other doctors wishing to provide care to other children. If he lived near me I would absolutely be a patient of his.

JW - District 15 Secretary at New York State Chiropractic Association

Dr. Martin is a very passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic chiropractor. His energy inspired many, including me to serve humanity especially children, by providing natural health care by adjusting, educating and advocating chiropractic lifestyle for kids and whole family. I would trust my family to Dr. Martin.

DS - Pediatric and Family Chiropractor

I first met Dr Martin Rosen in November 2009, when he came down under to Sydney, Australia to teach the SOT paediatric module for the international paediatric chiropractic association (ICPA). I first learned Cranials at my first SOT seminar in 1997 when I was still a student, unfortunately at the time I put it into the too hard basket. Over the years I learned cranials at other paediatric and technique seminars, and have adapted them in practice, but I have never been able to visualise the intricate motion between the cranial bones and sacrum and really understand it until I attended Dr Rosen's module for the ICPA. No-one has been able to bring the motion of the cranial system to life the way Dr Rosen did. That is because he isn't just a lecturer or teacher but he is a passionate individual who wants to impart his years of knowledge to other chiropractors, and help make a difference in the world. He is sincere, down to earth and straight to the point, and has a wicked sense of humour which made the seminar fun. In addition to the cranials, he made the SOT categories simple to understand, and integrated in his teaching functional neuroanatomy and neurology where appropriate with clinical cases. I have never been so inspired to go back and re- learn SOT again. I will encourage any chiropractor who wants to work with children and really make a difference in the world to do your ICPA paediatric SOT module. Thank you for caring.

MP - Principal of Brighton Chiropractic Centre

I appreciated Dr. Rosen's comprehensive knowledge and experience which he draws from to generate a valuable learning experience. I am both excited and inspired by the significance of this work.

TZ - Owner Alignment Natural Medicine

Dr. Martin Rosen is the go-to pediatric chiropractor in the profession today for cranial work and SOT. I have taken his ICPA class twice so I can get more out of it. He truly knows his stuff.

DR - President/Owner at Rubin Family Chiropractic

Marty is really fluent with all aspects of paediatric spinal and cranial adjusting. He has a lot of knowledge and is not shy to share this. I had some cranial experience prior to the course and the course really helped me expand but similarly consolidate previous knowledge from SOT courses. Would recommend to anybody who is thinking about doing his course.


It is very easy for me to recommend Dr. Rosen as an educator in the field of chiropractic pediatrics. I have had the pleasure of receiving his teachings both as a student in chiropractic school as well as a practicing physician more than once. In fact, it is already planned to attend two more of his classes. The depth of his knowledge is neverending and his reputation is widespread and strong in the profession not just nationally, but internationally. It is a priviledge to consider Dr. Rosen not only a fellow professional, but an educator.

TM - Owner/Chiropractor at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, Inc

Dr. Rosen is a wonderful instructor and I would definitely recommend taking ANY of the seminars he provides. His knowledge and expertise make it easy to understand complex material while his attitude and personality make it fun to learn.

LK - Doctor of Chiropractic at Tree of Life Chiropractic

Dr. Rosen is extremely proficient in his knowledge of SOT and is equally as great at teaching it in the ICPA series. His classes were engaging and easily some of my favorite sessions in the whole series! Being in his class made me want to learn even more about SOT while in school.

JK - DC, MS Chiropractor/Owner at Thake Chiropractic & Wellness

Martin is an amazing teacher that will give many clinical pearls to you as a student and is there to give you advise for hands on!

LP - Associate Chiropractor at Ponte Vedra Wellness Center

Dr. Rosen's level of expertise in pediatric chiropractic is self-evident from the moment he begins his class. The ICPA is fortunate to have such dedicated experts; I remember sitting there thinking "Not only am I listening to a doc who has more experience in SOT & Cranials pass along information, but I'm learning at the feet of the president of the whole darn technique association!" If you take one thing from Dr. Rosen's class and apply it to practice, you'll be a better chiropractor for it.

JE - Owner at Mama's Chiropractic Clinic

Martin is a very knowledgeable and interesting teacher, I learned more about SOT related paediatrics in one day in his course, then I had up to that point. He is well informed, as a plentitude of clinical knowledge, and is able to pass on that knowledge to students and chiropractors alike.

JK - Chiropractor and Owner, New England Chiropractic

Dr. Rosen's class was extremely informative and he knows his stuff! My practice has changed for the better because of him and SOT. I recommend that every chiropractor have this tool in their toolbox!

MB - Owner and Chiropractor at Blessingways Chiropractic Wellness Centre

Dr. Rosen is an excellent professor, who is patient and thorough when it comes to the examination and treatment of cranial dysfunction. I had the pleasure of attending one of his pediatric seminars through the ICPA and have been able to implement the basics in my own practice. He is very knowledgable about his craft and most importantly he is willing and happy to give advice outside of the classroom.

MP - Doctor of Chiropractic

I would like to take this time to recommend Dr. Rosen after having spent this past weekend learning from his expertise on Chiropractic Pediatrics. Having attended numerous seminars, this one in particular provided me with essential material that is clinically relevant for Doctors of Chiropractic to use in everyday patient care. His ability to deliver his clinical expertise that he developed over the past 30 years was outstanding. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge on Chiropractic Pediatrics from Dr. Rosen.

RA - Chiropractic Intern at Buffalo Veterans Administration Medical Center